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How we selected the bear of Berliner.Party

About us

Hello party enthusiasts of Berlin!
Ever felt that Berlin, a city known worldwide for its vibrant nightlife, lacked a go-to hub that unites all the party lovers? I felt the same. While cities like Dubai flaunted multiple platforms catering to party-goers, Berlin seemed to lag behind. That's when the idea of Berliner.Party came to life.

After traveling and experiencing the party cultures of various cities, I realized Berlin was missing something special - a one-stop platform for all things party. The need became even more apparent post-Corona. Our beloved club scene took a hit, showing us how fragile it could be. Clubs struggled, the music quieted down, but the spirit of Berliners never waned. It only made me more determined to fill this gap.

I embarked on this journey in early 2023. After months of research, planning, and hard work, Berliner.Party had its soft launch on the 6th of December 2023. But trust me, this is just the start. As you navigate our platform, you'll discover various features tailored for you, with many more in the pipeline. Our full-fledged launch party is on the horizon, but we want to ensure everything is perfect for you!

Curious about our mascot? We sifted through hundreds of different bear designs before settling on Benny. He, like the Berliners, embodies the spirit of resilience, fun, and unity. Dive deeper into Bennys story below.

Stick around and see all that Berliner.Party has to offer. The best is yet to come!

Berlin Party Bear Benny

About Berlin Party Bear

Hello! I'm Berlin Party Bear, affectionately known as "Benny" by close friends. I am Berlin's iconic purple bear, and the lively face of the city's unmatched nightlife scene.

Born amidst the rhythm and pulse of Berlin, I'm a vibrant reflection of our rich musical heritage, always tuned in with my speaker ears. My techno chain isn’t just an accessory; it's an embodiment of our city's deep-rooted musical legacy. From the pulsating beats of underground techno clubs to the electric vibes of mainstream events, I've danced to them all!

My mission is simple: to represent the Berlin party culture, making it accessible and memorable for everyone. Whether you're a local Berliner or a global party enthusiast, I'm here to ensure you experience the best of our nightlife.

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Bennys Goals

The Berlin Party Bear, Benny, stands as the emblem of Berlin's pulsating nightlife. He educates and guides, ensuring everyone parties like a true Berliner. His commitment to inclusivity makes the dance floors welcoming for Berliners and visitors alike. As Berlin's Nightlife Ambassador, he embodies the city's rhythm and keeps evolving, staying attuned to the ever-changing music and party trends.


Educate & Guide

Benny wants everyone to party like a true Berliner. Through guidance and recommendations, he ensures party-goers get the authentic Berlin experience.


Inclusivity & Welcome

Berlin's nightlife is diverse, and Benny's mission is to make sure everyone feels a part of it. Whether a berliner or a visitor, the dance floor is for all.


Berlin's Nightlife Ambassador

Benny aims to represent the pulse and rhythm of Berlin, making it known globally. He's not just any bear; he's the spirit of Berlin's nightlife.


Constant Evolution

Just as Berlin's nightlife is ever-evolving, so is Benny. Staying updated with trends, music, and the party scene is crucial to ensuring everyone gets the best of Berlin.

Feature timeline

From our inception in early 2023 to our soft launch in December, Berliner.Party has been a labor of love, passion, and commitment. We're excited about the journey ahead and the new features we're rolling out to enhance your experience. Here's a sneak peek into what's in store for the coming months. Stay tuned, and get ready to party harder!

  • Mar-Apr 2024

    The Berlin Party Bear turns into a AI

    Introducing an exciting feature where our Berlin Party Bear, Benny, transforms into an AI-powered assistant. Tailored to provide real-time information and recommendations, Benny will be your go-to for everything related to Berlin's nightlife. Whether you're a techno enthusiast seeking the perfect party or just curious about the current hotspots without the long waits, just ask Benny! He's here to ensure you have an unforgettable night out in Berlin. Experience a seamless blend of fun and technology, only at Berliner.Party.

  • May 2024

    Direct Chat with Benny on WhatsApp and Telegram

    Integration of our AI chatbot, Benny, with popular messaging platforms - WhatsApp and Telegram. Soon, you won't have to switch apps or platforms to get party recommendations or ask questions about Berlin's nightlife. With Benny available directly on your favorite messaging apps, your route to the best parties in Berlin will be smoother than ever!

  • Future

    Much more

    While our journey has been thrilling so far, we're nowhere near done. We're excited to announce a slew of upcoming features to make Berliner.Party even more user-friendly and inclusive. Soon, you'll be able to:

    • Log in: Personalize your experience and get recommendations tailored just for you.
    • Direct Access for DJs and Clubs: We understand the dynamic nature of the nightlife. DJs and clubs will soon be able to directly edit and update their information, ensuring you always have the latest details.
    • And Much More: From enhanced navigation to interactive maps and user reviews, we're committed to making your Berlin party experience unparalleled.

    We're always listening to our community and are committed to delivering the best. Stay tuned as Berliner.Party gets bigger and better!

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