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Welcome to Æden, the Lustgarten of Berlin's electrifying nightlife! Nestled in the cultural heart of Kreuzberg on Lohmühleninsel, Æden is not just a nightclub, it's a techno music paradise. Known for its elysian charm, this club offers an intoxicating blend of live music, art, and performances.

About Æden

Æden, formerly known as Chalet Garten, has transformed into a hedonistic haven, capturing the soul of Berlin's nightlife. With its two indoor floors and a summer-ready outdoor floor, the club sets the stage for both wild raving and serene relaxing. The rooftop terrace, a harmonious blend of wood and bamboo, hosts a mini bar and a small dance floor. It's a perfect spot for intimate gatherings or an extension of the main club's frenzy.

The club's ambiance is a tale of contrasting worlds - from the euphoria of heaven to the intensity of hell. Each element, from the two uniquely crafted bars to the good sound system, is meticulously designed to enhance your sensory experience. Weekends at Æden are a cultural fest, featuring DJ sets and art exhibitions that blur the lines between culture and partying. The club's commitment to sustainability is evident in its preference for local talent over flying in DJs, nurturing a close-knit community vibe.

Stepping into Æden is like entering an urban oasis. The remnants of Chalet's charming small pond and the area rich with trees and climbing plants meld with the historic brick walls, creating a backdrop that's both urban and natural. This lush setting, coupled with the club's diverse program - indie bands, experimental music, and themed nights - makes Æden a cultural landmark. Their soundproofing efforts, funded by the city, showcase their dedication to harmoniously coexisting with the neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Æden embraces a come-as-you-are philosophy. Whether it's casual or your unique party attire, all styles are welcome in our hedonistic haven.

Absolutely! Æden is a 18+ venue, ensuring an adult and responsible party environment.

The drinks are priced to keep the party going! Expect fair prices for a range of delicious options.

Æden's blend of music, art, and eco-consciousness, set in a space that's both urban and natural, makes us a unique cultural oasis in Berlin's nightlife.

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