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Beate Uwe

Step into the heart of Berlin's pulsating Mitte district and discover Beate Uwe, a nightclub brimming with the spirit of electronic music and a dynamic party vibe. Affectionately nicknamed BU or Be yoU, this club is a beacon of the Berlin nightlife, celebrated for its intimate atmosphere.

About Beate Uwe

Beate Uwe, founded in 1991 by the visionary Uwe, is a living room of fun transformed into a vibrant dance floor. Its interiors, bathed in dim, atmospheric lighting, feature eclectic decor, from records that adorn not just the DJ decks but also the ceiling, to colorful murals that tell a story of music and connection. The club's cozy vibe is accentuated by fluffy, colorful carpets, inviting party-goers to let loose and dance in their socks, embracing the informal and inclusive spirit that Berlin's nightlife is famed for.

At Beate Uwe, music is the heartbeat. From the deep rhythms of Downtempo to the soulful blends of Funk, Afrobeat, and RocknRoll, the club offers an audial feast that resonates with the diverse tastes of Berlin's eclectic crowd. The founders, Javid Ansar and Sam Öncel, infuse the club with an ethos of authenticity, evident in its discerning music selection and the warm "Wir-Atmosphäre" it nurtures. With a single dance floor and a retro-styled chill-out room, Beate Uwe stands out in Berlin's vibrant club landscape, offering a unique experience with its themed parties and rotating DJs who keep the energy irresistible and alive.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Beate Uwe embraces a casual and inclusive vibe. Feel free to express yourself - there's no strict dress code here!

Entry is generally at the door. For special events, check out the website for ticketing info.

Yes, Beate Uwe welcomes guests 18 and older, embracing the spirited energy of Berlin's youth.

The drinks are priced affordably, ensuring everyone can enjoy the night without worries.

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