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Welcome to the heart of Berlin's nightlife, where the historical meets the modern in an electrifying dance symphony. Nestled in Berlin's vibrant Mitte district, Bricks, formerly known as Asphalt Club, is a pulsating urban dance haven that promises an unparalleled party experience.

About Bricks

Step into Bricks and be mesmerized by its sprawling 970 square meters of industrial-chic elegance. This urban sanctuary, hosting up to 1200 partygoers, boasts a main floor alive with the throb of a state-of-the-art line array sound system, ensuring every beat resonates with crystal-clear intensity. The club's three distinct areas, each with its own character, cater to diverse event ideas, from high-energy hip-hop nights to intimate gatherings.

Bricks is a melting pot of music genres, with a special fondness for extravagant hip-hop events that set the stage alight. The VIP area, a stone's throw from the DJ's pulsating hub, offers an immersive experience into the heart of the party. Beyond regular club nights, Bricks hosts live concerts and special events with internationally renowned artists, adding layers of excitement to its already vibrant ambiance. The club's design, featuring exposed brick walls and a spacious two-floor layout, creates a raw, edgy backdrop for unforgettable nights.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely! Bricks offers private areas for those special gatherings or a more intimate vibe.

At Bricks, we recommend smart-casual attire to vibe with the trendy, fashion-forward crowd. But hey, express yourself and your love for the beat!

Tickets for the electrifying nights can be purchased at the door.

Yes! Bricks welcomes guests who are 18 and above, ready to dive into Berlin's pulsating rhythms and unforgettable experiences.

Bricks prices are within the normal range for Berlin, offering a selection of cocktails and beverages to fuel your night without breaking the bank.

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