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Club der Visionäre

Welcome to Club der Visionäre, Berlin's unique summertime party paradise! Nestled at the confluence of the Flutgraben canal and the River Spree, this club is where nightlife meets waterfront relaxation. Famous for its eclectic blend of outdoor leisure and pulsating minimal techno beats.

About Club der Visionäre

Dive into the heart of Berlin's party scene at Club der Visionäre, a place where the sun kisses the day and the moon lights up the night. This isn't your typical beach bar; it's a magical realm floating on the water, offering an unrivaled ambience of relaxation and revelry. By day, bask in the sun on cozy wooden planks, and as twilight descends, get lost in the electrifying rhythms of minimal and electro music. The club's intimate dance floor, a stark contrast to Berlin's mega-clubs, invites you to be part of an exclusive musical journey.

At Club der Visionäre, every moment is a celebration. With affordable cover charges and an endless stream of delicious cocktails, it's the perfect spot to mingle with beautiful people and let your spirit soar. The allure doesn't stop there - tantalizing pizzas promise to satiate your cravings as you party from dusk till dawn. And for those looking to extend their adventure, the club's fluid opening hours mean the party never has to end!

Steeped in history, Club der Visionäre isn't just a club; it's a chapter in Berlin's vibrant story. Since its debut in 2002, it has been a cornerstone of iconic events and a beacon in the international clubbing scene. Despite challenges like the 2019 fire, its spirit remains unquenched, symbolizing the resilience and dynamism of Berlin's nightlife. Situated in the heart of Alt-Treptow and Kreuzberg, and part of the Arena Berlin complex, it's a world where minimal techno reigns supreme, offering a tropical-like oasis by day and a pulsating dance haven by night.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It's where Berlin's heart beats the loudest! With its unique waterfront setting, intimate dance floor, and a history rich with Berlin's party legacy, it's more than a club - it's an experience.

Embrace your individual style! They celebrate uniqueness and self-expression, so come as you are and join the party.

Mostly, it's a walk-in paradise. Cover charges are pocket-friendly, around 5€, and sometimes it's even free!

Yes, we welcome party enthusiasts who are 18 and above. Bring your ID for a smooth entry.

The drinks are priced to keep the party going! Enjoy a variety of cocktails and beverages without breaking the bank.

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Club der Visionäre
Club der Visionäre
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Club der Visionäre
Club der Visionäre
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Club der Visionäre
Club der Visionäre
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