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Kater Blau

Kater Blau, the center of Berlin's techno heartbeat. This club is a beacon of non-stop music and exhilarating experiences. With its roots embedded in the legacy of Bar 25 and Kater Holzig, Kater Blau stands as a fusion of history and cutting-edge entertainment, pulsating with the rhythms of Berlin.

About Kater Blau

The ambiance at Kater Blau is a seamless blend of nostalgic charm and contemporary club culture. From the hangover kiosk, a nod to its predecessors, to the enigmatic décor and lighting, every corner of the club whispers tales of Berlin's legendary parties. The presence of relics from Bar 25 in the bar setup adds to the rich, historical tapestry, making every moment spent here a dive into the heart of Berlin's nightlife.

At Kater Blau you find yourself enveloped in a world where contemporary design meets historical essence. Its two main dance floors - the ever-vibrant Heinz Hopper and the more intimate Acid Arc - offer a spectrum of musical escapades. The club's layout, featuring sprawling chill-out areas and the unique outdoor space with the iconic "Agnes" boat, invites club-goers into a realm of unparalleled partying experience.

Beyond its architectural and ambiance marvels, Kater Blau's SaSoMo concept - encapsulating the non-stop party ethos from Saturday to Monday - is a testament to its dedication to continuous entertainment. The club's commitment to cultural events, theater performances, and artistic showcases further cements its role as a bastion of the creative community, making it much more than just a nightclub, but a cultural hub in the heart of Berlin

Frequently Asked Questions

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From its historical roots to the SaSoMo ethos and diverse cultural events, Kater Blau is more than a club; it's a piece of Berlin's heart.

Express yourself! Kater Blau embraces individuality, so wear what makes you feel the beat.

Tickets range from 20-25€, offering access to an unforgettable party experience. You buy them directly at the door.

Yes, Kater Blau welcomes party enthusiasts who are 18 and above.

Affordable yet quality drinks await, perfect for keeping your spirits high all night.

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