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GENERATION WILD - Friday, March 15 2024

About GENERATION WILD at Matrix Club Berlin

Let the crazy in you out at this wild party where anything goes. Are you a party animal? Can you dance all night? Then Generation Wild at Matrix Club Berlin is the perfect night for you. On Friday nights, this explosive evening has no limits; it is 'the' collective demolition party, ready to detonate your party weekend wide open. One continuous party night where you can meet other like-minded party animals and dance till after sunrise, if you can.

Ladies: €10 free drinks until 11pm!

  • Musicstyle:

    afrobeats, dance classics, hip-hop, house, reggaeton, top40

  • Lineup:

    afrobeats, Deejay TC

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Short info about Matrix Club Berlin

Steeped in history and brimming with energy, Matrix Club Berlin, often referred to as "Das Matrix," stands as a beacon in the city's nightlife. Housed in the iconic ten vaults of the U-Hochbahnhofes Warschauer Straße, this large-scale disco, established in 1995, is not only a club but an...Read more about Matrix Club Berlin

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