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UNITED CAMPUS - Thursday, April 25 2024

About UNITED CAMPUS at Matrix Club Berlin

This is Berlin's most iconic college party! Welcome, to at Matrix Club Berlin. An exceptionally crazy party atmosphere filters throughout the rooms of the Matrix club on a Thursday. Put your university stress aside for one night, and rock the house as our DJs spin a fine mix of pop, house, hip-hop, electro and classics all night long.

€10 Free Drinks for Students (Berlin / Brandenburg) all night.

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    electro, hip-hop, house, reggaeton

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DJ Storm



Short info about Matrix Club Berlin

Steeped in history and brimming with energy, Matrix Club Berlin, often referred to as "Das Matrix," stands as a beacon in the city's nightlife. Housed in the iconic ten vaults of the U-Hochbahnhofes Warschauer Straße, this large-scale disco, established in 1995, is not only a club but an... Read more about Matrix Club Berlin

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