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Renate, the electrifying pulse of Berlin's Friedrichshain district. This techno haven, with its rich history since 2007 and spirited vibe, has become a cultural beacon for Berliner nightlife. Renate is a name synonymous with dynamic music, eclectic design, and unforgettable nights.

About Renate

Renate, nestled behind a high wooden fence near Ostkreuz, is an old tenement building transformed into an electrifying party paradise. Its grey facade, reminiscent of 80s Prenzlauer Berg, masks an interior of raw charm. The club's design, a homage to Berlin's post-reunification era, features improvised interiors with torn-down wallpapers and pieced-together seating, crafting an ambiance that's both nostalgic and avant-garde. Renate's layout boasts various themed dance floors - black, green, and red rooms, each offering a unique musical journey, differing from the commercial beats of mainstream techno clubs. The small courtyard, a serene oasis, allows party-goers to unwind and mingle amidst the high-energy partying inside.

Inside Renate, the music reigns supreme, with a diverse program that extends beyond electro and house. Themed nights like "The House of Red Doors" and "Hip Inside" showcase breakdance battles and live spraying, accompanied by dress codes that add to the night's allure. The club's cocktail bar, manned by skilled bartenders, serves everything from soothing chamomile tea to invigorating cocktails, catering to all moods and tastes. For those seeking a whimsical outdoor experience, Renate's garden area, complete with hand-built swings and decorative elements, offers a unique open-air party space, particularly enchanting during summer nights.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Renate's eclectic design, diverse music program, and commitment to inclusivity make it a unique gem in Berlin's nightlife.

Renate embraces individuality! While there's no strict dress code, themed nights might suggest creative attire. Express yourself and dive into the Berlin party spirit.

Tickets are primarily available at the door. Arrive early to beat the queues and immerse in Renate's electric atmosphere from start to finish.

Yes, Renate welcomes guests who are 21 and above, ensuring a mature and vibrant party environment.

Prices vary, offering options for every budget. From premium cocktails to classic beers, there's something for every taste.

Next Two Weeks at Renate:

Party in Renate Saturday, April 27 2024


Renate X QS1 X Melodic Dublin X Nachtboutique
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Party in Renate Monday, April 29 2024


Alien Rain aka Milton Bradley, Vani Vachi, BLACK ANTHEM..

Party in Renate Tuesday, April 30 2024


Renate Klubnacht with Deepsomnia and Homies
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04-21 00:01:10