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Ritter Butzke

Dive into the pulsating heart of Berlin's nightlife at Ritter Butzke, a techno paradise known for its electric vibes and unmatched entertainment. Situated in the iconic Ritterstraße, this club is a beacon for party enthusiasts globally.

About Ritter Butzke

Stepping into Ritter Butzke is like venturing into an underground version of Alice in Wonderland. Located near Moritzplatz, the club occupies an old factory hall, boasting wildly decorated walls, mesmerizing colorful lights, and multiple dance floors with intriguing names. Chandeliers and disco balls dangle from above, immersing visitors in a dreamlike world of rhythm and revelry.

Named after the historic Butzke Werke factory halls, Ritter Butzke seamlessly blends its rich history with modern entertainment. From its inception in 2007 to its recognition by global publications like the British Daily Mail, the club's journey is nothing short of legendary. With three distinct dance floors, including an open-air ambiance for summer, cultural events like poetry slams, and its very own music label, "Ritter Butzke Records", the club offers a diverse array of experiences for its patrons.

Ritter Butzke has carved its niche as one of Berlin's top nightlife destinations, drawing a vibrant mix of locals and tourists. Its welcoming entry process and courteous staff set it apart from other Berlin clubs. Every room and dance floor promises a unique vibe, ensuring that every night owl finds their groove and enjoys a night to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ritter Butzke ensures competitive pricing, providing a blend of quality and value for party-goers. You can see list of all the drink prices in Ritter Butzke below in the "Drink Prices" section of the page.

Ritter Butzke offers a variety of music genres, from techno, house, and deep house to experimental sounds. There's something for every electronic music enthusiast! But mostly its techno and hard techno.

The dress code at Ritter Butzke is casual yet stylish. It's all about comfort and expressing yourself! But dont forget its a techno style.

It's advisable to book tickets in advance, especially for major events due to its popularity. Tickets can be purchased online directly on their website.

Yes, Ritter Butzke accepts both card and cash payments. However, it's always smart to have some cash with you just in case there are any technical issues with card payments. Additionally, there is an ATM not far from the entrance for your convenience.

Yes, Ritter Butzke is an 18+ venue. Make sure to carry a valid ID for verification.

The best nights to experience Ritter Butzke's electric atmosphere are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Ritter Butzke started in 2007 in the Butzke-Werke factory halls. After a brief closure and relocation, it reopened in October 2009 at its original location on Ritterstraße 26 with official permission.


Ritter Butzke features four dance floors. Depending on how packed the party is, all of them can be open. However, if you are there during a smaller party or early in the morning after a long night of festivities, usually only 1-2 dance floors are open. Each floor offers a unique atmosphere and experience:

Kleiner Hof

This open-air dancefloor is a summer favorite, offering an exhilarating outdoor experience. Great for hot summer days. In winter, it transforms into a cozy space often used by smokers.


The largest dancefloor, Sauna, is where the headliners typically perform. Its spacious area and intense vibes make it the heart of the party.


Another large dancefloor, Ölfasslager, is known for its iconic swinging lamps above the DJ booth. It’s a visual and auditory feast that captivates every visitor.

Garten der Nacht

The smaller dancefloor, Garten der Nacht, features an industrial garden look. Its intimate setting provides a unique and memorable experience.

Drink Prices

Ritter Butzke’s approach to drink prices harmonizes with its commitment to accessibility and joy. A sustainable twist to the party, the club's deposit system—1 euro for glasses and 50 cents for bottles and cans—ensures that every drink also contributes to a cleaner celebration. From the classic vodka Red Bull at 8.5 euros to the refreshing sip of beer at 4.5 euros, the bar menu is curated to quench every thirst. Water, a staple of the night, is priced at 2.5 euros, keeping hydration within easy reach. For those with a taste for the specific, the bar proudly serves Eristoff as the house vodka, Jose Cuervo for tequila aficionados, and Bombay Sapphire for gin lovers, with Krombacher pouring as the beer of choice. It's a selection that promises not just a drink but a toast to the night, each sip a melody in the symphony of Berlin's nightlife.

Wines and Sparkling Wines:

White Wine0.20 Glass6.00 €
Sparkling Wine0.30 Glass6.00 €
Spritz0.30 Glass7.50 €

Long Drinks:

Vodka Red Bull0.30 Glass8.50 €
Vodka Mate0.33 Bottle8.50 €
Vodka Proviante0.33 Bottle8.50 €
Vodka Orangina0.30 Glass8.50 €
Vodka Soda0.30 Glass8.50 €
Vodka Tonic0.30 Glass8.50 €
Vodka Cola0.30 Glass8.50 €
Vodka Juice/Nectar0.30 Glass7.50 €
Moscow Mule0.30 Glass8.50 €
Rum Cola0.30 Glass7.50 €
Rum Mate0.30 Glass7.50 €
Bourbon Cola0.30 Glass8.50 €
Scotch Cola0.30 Glass8.50 €
Gin Tonic0.30 Glass7.50 €
Jägermeister with Mio Mio0.30 Glass8.50 €
Jägermeister Red Bull0.33 Bottle8.50 €

Bottled Beers:

Krombacher Pils0.33 Bottle4.50 €
Krombacher Radler Naturtrüb0.33 Bottle4.50 €
Krombacher Non-Alcoholic (0,0%)0.33 Bottle4.50 €

Non-Alcoholic Drinks:

Afri Cola0.20 Bottle3.00 €
Afri Cola White (sugar-free)0.20 Bottle3.00 €
Richard's Sun Iced Tea Lemon0.20 Bottle3.00 €
Proviante0.33 Bottle3.50 €
Orangina0.33 Bottle3.50 €
Mio Mate0.25 Bottle3.50 €
Vöslauer Water0.33 Bottle3.50 €
Juice (Apple/Orange)0.33 Bottle2.50 €
Nectar (Cranberry/Maracuja)0.30 Glass3.00 €
Red Bull0.25 Can4.00 €
Red Bull Sugar Free0.25 Can4.00 €
Red Bull Editions0.25 Can4.00 €


Vodka3 cl3.00 €
Jägermeister3 cl3.00 €
Pfeffi3 cl3.00 €
Sambuca Molinari3 cl3.00 €
Tequila Silver/Gold3 cl3.00 €
Loko Mexikaner3 cl3.00 €
Hemingway3 cl3.00 €

Drink prices are updated as off April 2024.

Food & Snacks

Embark on a culinary adventure at Ritter Butzke, where the flavors dance as wildly as the partygoers. Nestled next to the wardrobe, a mini shop offers a treasure trove of small snacks and candies, perfect for a quick energy boost. But the real highlight is the pizza window in the outdoor area, a beloved oasis for those whose hunger grows with every beat. Imagine sinking your teeth into a slice of Detroit-style pan pizza, its warmth a delightful contrast to the cool Berlin air, all while the vibrant beats echo in the background. This isn't just food; it's a slice of the night, served up with convenience and style. Reasonably priced, these culinary delights ensure that your journey through the night is fueled not just by the music, but by satisfying, delicious bites.


PizzaIngredientsOne PieceFull Pizza
Deep CheddarPizza Sauce, Fergy Cheese Mix6,- €20,- €
Deep PepperoniPizza Sauce, Fergy Cheese Mix, Pepperoni Salami7,- €22,- €
Deep MushroomPizza Sauce, Fergy Cheese Mix, Mushrooms, Artichokes7,- €22,- €


Togarashi Mayo1,- €
Truffle Mayo1,5,- €
Cesar Creme1,- €
BBQ Sauce1,- €
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