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Weekend Club (House of Weekend)

Dive into the rhythmic heart of Berlin at The Weekend Club, situated at the iconic Alexanderplatz. This pulsating hotspot is famed not only for its eclectic music range but also for its proximity to the TV Tower, promising both energetic nights and panoramic city views.

About Weekend Club (House of Weekend)

Formerly known as House of Weekend, The Weekend Club stands tall as an emblem of Berlin's electrifying nightlife. Located just a stone's throw away from the famed TV Tower at Alexanderplatz, this vibrant venue sprawls across two levels, enticing with a spacious dance floor, an exclusive rooftop terrace with unmatched views of Berlin, and a dedicated VIP area. Having clinched the "Berliner Architekturpreis" in 2006, the club's innovative design perfectly complements its prime location.

It's more than just a space; it's a symphony of sounds. This dynamic hub, set against the backdrop of the iconic TV Tower, reverberates with beats from international DJs and local bands, spanning genres from Hip Hop to electronica. And if you're seeking variety, events like Latin Tuesday, Weekend Calling, and PURPLE JUICE await. Whether you're part of the LGBTQ+ community, a German music aficionado, or a fan of the '90s and 2000s hits, there's an event tailored just for you at Berlin's heart.

Imagine dancing the night away on the 13th floor, with the TV Tower and Alexanderplatz illuminating your backdrop, and a cosmopolitan crowd from all over the world sharing the rhythm. At The Weekend Club, it's not just a party; it's an unparalleled Berlin experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Apart from its pulsating music and array of events, the club's panoramic view of Berlin's skyline, its award-winning architecture, and its history of hosting celebrities like George Clooney and Karl Lagerfeld truly set it apart.

The dress code leans towards smart casual. Men are encouraged to wear collared shirts, while women are recommended to wear dresses or skirts.

Tickets for events can be acquired online or directly at the door. Ensure to check the specific event details as they may vary.

Yes, attendees should be of legal age, which is 18+ in Berlin, but it's always best to verify for specific events.

The Weekend Club offers a range of drinks priced competitively to ensure an enjoyable night for all. For detailed pricing, we recommend checking the menu or contacting the club directly.

Absolutely! The Weekend Club emphasizes inclusivity and safety, ensuring wheelchair accessibility for all patrons.

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