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Dive deep into Berlin's pulsating heart at Tresor, the iconic underground techno nightclub. Nestled in Mitte, this legendary venue embodies the evolution of electronic music, offering an unparalleled partying experience.

About Tresor

Embark on a journey through Tresor's rich history, which began on a fateful night in 1991. From its atmospheric dance floor located in the vaults of a former department store to its intense, fog-filled ambiance, Tresor has been at the epicenter of the techno movement. With moments like Jeff Mills' three-turntable sets and Underground Resistance's European debuts, the club has continuously set the standard for innovation.

While Tresor faced challenges, including temporary closures and relocations, it's always emerged stronger, becoming a symbol of Berlin's resilience and unity. Its current home at Kraftwerk Berlin showcases its dedication to community, resistance, and hope. Additionally, Tresor's connection with Detroit's techno scene signifies its commitment to fostering global community ties.

The name 'Tresor' translates to 'safe' or 'vault', epitomizing the club's origins in the vaults of the former Wertheim department store. Over the years, it has expanded, introducing features like an outdoor garden and the 'Globus' floor with mellower house sounds. Alongside its music, Tresor's documentary and photobook capture its enduring legacy in the world of nightlife.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Tresor is an emblem of Berlin's club culture, known for its atmospheric dance floor in the vaults, the 'Globus' floor with mellower house sounds, and a rich history intertwined with the techno movement.

Tresor encourages individual expression, so there's no strict dress code. However, it's always good to wear comfortable shoes for dancing!

The entry fee at Tresor ranges between 10 to 20€. Do note that pre-sale tickets for standard events aren't available.

Yes, Tresor has age restrictions in place. You need to be at least 18 years old and bring a valid ID for age verification during entry.

Tresor offers a diverse drink menu with competitive pricing, ensuring everyone can enjoy their favorite beverages while partying. So you can check other clubs where we have specific pricing.

Next Two Weeks at Tresor:

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Tresor Klubnacht
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Tresor New Faces hosted by Out Rage Records
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Party in Tresor Saturday, June 29 2024


Tresor meets Perc Trax
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06-18 07:39:11