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About Kinktastisch

Founded by Frau Leader who has been part of the bdsm community in Berlin for many years, “Kinktastisch!” is a celebration of all Fetishes & Kinks! In a safer welcoming space that allows you to feel truly free about your fetishes & kinks without judgement!
Frau Leader believes that kink isn’t a sin or bad, isn’t something to hide or be ashamed of rather to be celebrated loud and proud with consent!

At “Kinktastisch!” you will be welcomed by the Unicorn awareness team with a welcome shot, more Melodic style of Techno is played on the dance floor, in our play dungeon you can explore Impact toys & Bondage at the try out stations! ,at midnight is the main kinky show on the dance floor stage, each time a different kinky style, just the way we like it!
You can also enjoy the couples / groups only area, bdsm dungeon, whirlpool and showers.

Consent is Sexy! and is the key rule for all the “Kinktastisch!” events!
The Unicorn awareness team is always there for you, also you can find hygiene materials, condoms and gloves around the club, there is also a separate smoking room.
Let’s Celebrate all kinks together!

Kinktastisch also organizes Flashback Friday:

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