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Dive into Insomnia, Berlin's nightclub that merges the hedonistic allure of Roman orgies with the legendary glamour of New York City's Studio 54. A haven for techno enthusiasts and adventurers in kink, Insomnia embodies an electrifying blend of sensuality, self-expression, and musical ecstasy.

About Insomnia

Insomnia, a club and an institution in Berlin's nightlife scene, has undergone impressive development since it was founded in March 1997. Started as a party series in the legendary KitKatClub in Kreuzberg, Insomnia followed this through the city - from Metropol to Bessemerstrasse. In 2006, Dominique opened the club Insomnia, which quickly became a center of hedonistic party culture.

Insomnia's concept is characterized by an impressive variety of party formats, including dance & play, sex positive, fetish, queer, swinger, tantra, and cuddle parties. This diversity reflects the openness and variety that make Berlin's nightlife so unique. Insomnia offers a wide range of music - from electronic beats such as techno, nu-trance, and progressive to dark wave, gothic, 80s and 90s hits as well as tango and swing.

The dress code at Insomnia - "Sexy - Fetish - Elegant Evening Wear" - supports the club's philosophy of promoting an atmosphere of freedom and self-expression. This dress code encourages guests to express their individuality and fantasies, which is an essential part of the club's culture.

Sex-positive parties play an important role at Insomnia as they provide a safe and respectful space where consent and sexual self-determination are upheld. These events promote a culture of openness and acceptance where people of different sexual orientations and preferences can explore their sexuality freely and without judgment. By hosting these parties, Insomnia is helping to support the sex-positive movement and raise awareness of the importance of consent and sexual health.

Insomnia thus represents not only the musical and thematic diversity that characterizes Berlin's nightlife but also a progressive approach to sexuality and interpersonal relationships, making the club an important part of the city's cultural landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

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To ensure guests' privacy and comfort, photography and videography are strictly prohibited inside Insomnia. All guests are required to leave their phones in the wardrobe, creating a distraction-free environment.

Insomnia primarily features techno music but also hosts events with various genres, including Goa. The club's diverse musical selection caters to a wide range of tastes, ensuring a vibrant auditory experience.

Insomnia's dress code varies per event. Visitors should check each event's specific requirements, but a general guideline is 'Sexy – Fetish – Elegant Evening Wear'. This club encourages guests to express their individuality and embrace the themes of sensuality and liberation.

Insomnia prides itself on being a welcoming space for individuals of all sexual orientations and identities. The club fosters a culture of respect, acceptance, and self-expression, making everyone feel welcome and free to be themselves.

Insomnia offers a safe haven for guests to explore their kinks and fantasies. The club provides monitored play areas, including BDSM playgrounds, ensuring a safe and consensual environment for exploration.

Insomnia is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Most Friday and Saturday parties extend until the early morning, offering a unique experience each night and making every visit an adventure in Berlin's nightlife.

The minimum age for entry at Insomnia is 18 years. The club strictly enforces this policy and requires a valid ID for age verification.

Insomnia extends beyond its dance floors, offering amenities like showers, a jacuzzi, and towels for guests' comfort. These facilities are part of the club's commitment to providing a comprehensive and enjoyable experience.

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