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KitKat Club

Enter Berlin's KitKat Club, a legendary hub of music, art, and self-expression with a sexually open and fetish-themed atmosphere. Embrace your inner wild child and explore the heart of the city's vibrant, liberating nightlife.

About KitKat Club

Imagine diving into a kaleidoscope of self-expression, where people from all walks of life come together to dance, play, and embrace their authentic selves – that's the KitKat Club for you! Picture the club as a magical circus tent, pulsating with electric energy, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. The enchanting allure of this Berlin nightlife institution lies in its unapologetic celebration of the diverse and the unconventional, making it a playground for anyone seeking liberation from the mundane.

At KitKat Club, the beats of techno, trance, and other eclectic tunes are the heartbeat of this utopia, creating a symphony that echoes through the night. It's like a bubbling cauldron of creativity where the ingredients of art, fashion, and music are stirred together to create a heady potion that brings out your inner explorer. With its storied history dating back to the 1990s, the club has nurtured a culture that thrives on open-mindedness and inclusivity, inviting you to be the artist and the canvas, the dancer and the audience, all at once. So step into this wonderland, and let your spirit run free as you revel in the sheer magic of KitKat Club Berlin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The opening hours depend on the event, but usually, the club opens around 22-23 and goes until the early morning. On Saturday, the party starts at 23 and changes into another party at 7-8 in the morning, which lasts until 16-18. And guess what? You don't have to pay extra for the Sunday party once you're in!

You've got to be at least 18 to get into the KitKat Club, and don't forget to bring your ID!

Yes you can! They've got changing areas inside, so you can slip into your wild outfit after you get there. Plus, the wardrobe is totally free!

Yes, the KitKat Club has a wardrobe where you can stash your stuff safely while you party, and it's totally free!

Getting into the KitKat Club can be tough, especially during popular events. To increase your chances, dress the part, arrive early, and be friendly, patient, and open-minded. Just don't show up extremely drunk, and make sure you're wearing the right outfit.

At the KitKat Club, they want you to go all in with your outfit! Show off your creative and sexy side with bold, eye-catching clothes like latex, leather, lingerie, or costumes. Just don't wear white shoes. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are the strictest days for dressing up, while Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday are more relaxed.

You can usually buy tickets at the door on the night of the event, but make sure you get there early to avoid long lines. For some smaller events during the week, you might be able to buy tickets online.

Absolutely! The KitKat Club is all about being inclusive and welcoming to everyone, no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. They want everyone to feel accepted and have a great time.

The KitKat Club is all about respect, consent, and being open-minded. Make sure you're respectful of others, always ask for consent, and leave your judgment at the door. Oh, and no pictures or videos are allowed, so everyone can let loose and have fun. Your phone will need to stay in the Wardrobe.

No, taking pictures or videos inside the KitKat Club is a big no-no. They want everyone to feel comfortable, so you'll have to leave your phone in the wardrobe when you go in. But most of the time, they have a club photographer, so you can still capture some memories! Just be aware that the pictures might be posted on their Instagram page. But don't worry, the photographer always asks for permission first.

Mobile phones aren't allowed inside the club. You'll have to leave them in your bag at the wardrobe so you can focus on enjoying the night. It's about creating a safe environment and ensuring everyone feels comfortable. Don't worry, security will check this at the entrance.

Drinks at the KitKat Club are pretty affordable. Beers are around €4-5, cocktails and long drinks are €6-10, and shots are just €3!

The KitKat Club is cash-only, so make sure you bring enough with you. If you need more, there's an ATM right outside the club.

Single guys are totally welcome at the KitKat Club! You don't need to be part of a group or with someone else. Just come with a positive attitude and a killer outfit. If you're a single guy, it's a good idea to get there super early to increase your chances of getting in. The bouncers try to maintain a balance inside the club and are in contact with security inside. So when there are already many men inside, it gets harder to come in.

KitKat Introduction

Ready to peek behind the curtain of Berlin's iconic KitKat Club? Dive into this exclusive video for a first-hand look at this one-of-a-kind nightclub celebrated for its vibrant, free-spirited vibe and embrace of alternative lifestyles.

Hear straight from the source, founder Kirsten Krüger, who'll guide you through the club's journey since its birth in 1994. She tells about the most important things you need to think about before visting. Witness the distinctive interior and get ready for your first visit. The video can be little slow at moments when the interior is shown but as a peek behind the curtins its perfect.

You'll soon understand why KitKatClub isn't just a key player in Berlin's nightlife, but a cornerstone of the global fetish scene. So, go ahead and hit play - it's time to explore the unforgettable KitKat Club.

Kitkat Dancefloors

Explore the diverse dancefloors and spaces that make the KitKat Club an unforgettable experience:

  • Main Floor: On the ground floor, the Main Floor pulsates with energy, featuring the biggest and most famous DJs of the night.
  • Dragon Floor: Alongside the Main Floor, the Dragon Floor is adorned with a fire-spitting dragon, offering an alternative vibe.
  • Intimate Areas: Above both dance floors on the ground floor, you'll find dark spaces with beds for consenting adults to explore each other. But this is not the only space like this. You will also find intimate areas/corners spread out throughout the club.
  • Prisma Bar: Located on a half-level down, this bar provides a distinct atmosphere with its small dancefloor and also features its own intimate area above it.
  • Smaller Dance Space: Directly below the Dragon Floor lies a smaller dance space.
  • Relaxation Area: A half-outside relaxation area can be found between the Main Floor and the entrance, the area has KitKat's famous Pool and Sauna, where guests can unwind.
  • Basement: Near the wardrobe area, stairs lead to the main basement, which offers many more Intimate Areas and a dedicated BDSM space that looks like an abandoned hospital. The basement's main dance floor is situated next to the Salon, a soothing space for relaxation and softer music.
  • Bars: Throughout the club, you will discover a total of seven bars conveniently scattered for guests to purchase drinks, while occasionally, complimentary fresh fruits are also provided at these bars.
  • Candy Shop: Additionally, a small candy shop is available, adding a sweet touch to the unique nightlife destination that is the KitKat Club.

Kitkat's Most Famous Parties

Carneball Bizarre Club Night

The Carneball Bizarre Club Night is the crown jewel of KitKat's events. This extravagant party, held every Saturday at 23:00, welcomes guests to indulge in a night of fantasy, self-expression, and revelry. With all dance floors open, party-goers have the opportunity to explore the various unique spaces of KitKat Club, each with its distinct atmosphere and energy. The event is a colorful and unforgettable experience, where guests can dress up and immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Carneball Bizarre. The creative costumes, mesmerizing performances, and pulsating music create a surreal and vibrant ambiance that keeps people coming back for more. The Carneball Bizarre Club Night is a testament to the club's reputation as a hub of creativity and self-expression, making it an essential part of Berlin's nightlife.


Symbiotikka, held on Wednesdays, is another legendary event at KitKat Club. Known for its hypnotic beats and electronic music selection, the party typically features the main floor, providing an intimate and intense atmosphere that keeps the crowd moving all night long. However, when a famous DJ like Berlin's own Stella Bossi comes to perform, additional floors may open up to accommodate the demand, transforming the event into an even more electrifying experience. Symbiotikka is a celebration of the symbiosis between music, art, and human connection, fostering an environment where people from all walks of life can connect on a deeper level.


The Nachspiel-Afterhour event is the ultimate KitKat experience for those who believe that the party must go on, even after the sun has risen. Starting around 7-8 am on Sundays, this unique gathering offers a more relaxed atmosphere, with only the main dancefloor and pool area open for guests. Despite its laid-back vibe, the Nachspiel-Afterhour still delivers the signature KitKat experience, with the same spirit of inclusivity and celebration. As the sun illuminates the sky, party-goers can continue to dance, socialize, and enjoy the unique features of the club, proving that the magic of KitKat Club transcends the boundaries of day and night.

KitKat Concept

The KitKat Club is more than just a nightlife destination; it's a living, breathing embodiment of a philosophy that celebrates individuality, creativity, and freedom. The concept behind the club is like a kaleidoscope, ceaselessly shifting and morphing to mirror the ever-changing energy of its patrons. Each event brings a new layer of excitement and wonder, pushing the boundaries of what a club can be. Imagine a world where reality bends and norms are challenged, where you can be both the artist and the audience, immersing yourself in an ever-evolving narrative. The KitKat Club offers a unique environment for self-expression and exploration, making it a haven for those seeking to break free from the mundane and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

KitKat History

The KitKat Club's history is a fascinating tale of cultural revolution, born from the ashes of a city yearning for expression and liberation. Since its inception in the 1990s, the club has grown into an iconic symbol of Berlin's vibrant nightlife, attracting people from all walks of life to come together and celebrate their authentic selves. The club's storied past is a living tapestry, woven with threads of inclusivity, self-expression, and open-mindedness. Each event adds another chapter to this rich narrative, showcasing the club's dedication to fostering a culture that thrives on diversity and creativity.

As you step through the doors of KitKat Club, you become a part of this legendary history, experiencing firsthand the transformative power of music, art, and human connection. From its early days as a refuge for those seeking freedom and self-expression to its current status as an institution of Berlin's nightlife, the KitKat Club remains a testament to the resilience and creativity of the human spirit.

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KitKat Club
KitKat Club
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KitKat Club
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